Haldia Fair 2023

Haldia Fair 2023

We are glad to inform you that after two years, Haldia Development Authority is organizing ‘Haldia Fair-2023’ from 3rd February to 12th February 2023 at Satish Samanta Trade Centre, Ranichak, Haldia.

The objective of this ‘Exhibition-cum-Trade Summit’ is to provide a platform for industries to exhibit their business prospects, explore vast business potential in Haldia and create opportunities for businesses to come face-to-face with customers.

This event will encompass industrial exhibition by the industries and as well as seminars and discussions on business issues pertaining to industrial and urban development.

Visitors may attend the seminars, visit the exhibition stalls and enjoy star studded cultural evenings during this period.

Various competitions between schools and colleges, Book Fair, Agricultural Fair, Bird Fair are added attractions.

Attractions of Haldia Fair 2023

Agricultural Show
Haldia Mela 2023 will have an Agricultural show , a huge crowd puller where farmers and producers will showcase their best harvest comprising of different kind of fruits, vegetables and flowers to the visitors.
Bird Show
This is another major attraction of Haldia Mela. Rare birds with colourful plumes are a major hit amongst young and old alike. Aquariums containing different colourful fishes are also an attraction in the Pakhi Mela.
Book Fair
Haldia Mela 2023 will also house Book Fair where reputed publishers would showcase their publications. Book Fair is a major attraction especially for school and college students and teachers as they can explore a vast array of books from different publishers for academic purpose.
Industrial Pavilions
Haldia Mela 2023 will have more more than 20 pavilions given by different leading and small industries and Haldia Dock Complex. The industrial pavilions will showcase the products and achievements of the respective industries to the visitors.
Handicraft Fair
The major attraction of this fair is the Handicrafts fair where artisans from all the Districts will participate and display their different work and various attractive products . More than 235 artisans are expected to participate in the handicrafts fair. “Sabala Mela” of this year is to be held within the Haldia fair-2023.
Cultural Events
Colourful cultural evenings with performances by popular artists from different parts of the country and across the State is expected to attract a huge crowd. From local folk dances across all districts to dance and singing troops from different parts of the district, there will be something for every age.
Debates, quiz, singing, dancing and drawing competitions is sure to attract students from schools and colleges and huge participation is expected. Each evening will culminate in a star studded affair.

Haldia Fair 2023 location

Satish Samanta Trade Centre ground, Ranichak, Haldia

Haldia Fair Location