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Notice & Hearings

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","FILE":"20230530184616not.pdf"},{"NCID":75,"DESCRIPTION":"N O T I C E","FILE":"1669965180Notice1.pdf"},{"NCID":74,"DESCRIPTION":"Enhancement of water charges for Industrial Consumers w.e.f. 01.11.2022","FILE":"1669369260Industry.pdf"},{"NCID":69,"DESCRIPTION":"Enhancement of Water Charges for Commercial Consumers w.e.f. 01.11.2022","FILE":"16693681761667801490Enhancement.pdf"},{"NCID":66,"DESCRIPTION":"NOTIC","FILE":"1669200291Notice.pdf"},{"NCID":65,"DESCRIPTION":"O R D E R - Control Room Duty for cyclonic storm ASANI","FILE":"1652173482ORDER - Control Room Duty for ASANI.pdf"},{"NCID":64,"DESCRIPTION":"OFFICE ORDER","FILE":"1595497875Order.pdf"},{"NCID":63,"DESCRIPTION":"Notice on Haldia Water Supply","FILE":"1572956363notws.pdf"},{"NCID":61,"DESCRIPTION":"Public Notice u/s 38 of the West Bengal Town and Country(Planning and Development) Act, 1979 on LU&DCP for Nandigram - I and II Blocks.","FILE":"355c47e84cddd0620153917efc2aa110.pdf"},{"NCID":60,"DESCRIPTION":"SETTING UP OF 900 TPD AMMONIA PRODUCTION PROJECT AT HALDIA","FILE":"61f95eb69481930c1392283f8ed59362.pdf"},{"NCID":58,"DESCRIPTION":"Drawing 1 for Haldia Fair 2017","FILE":"1485259718draw1.pdf"},{"NCID":57,"DESCRIPTION":"Development Permission Form","FILE":"1480484545devform.pdf"},{"NCID":55,"DESCRIPTION":"Notice for allotment of office space on rent basis","FILE":"1472040403not.pdf"},{"NCID":54,"DESCRIPTION":"Public Notice on present Land use Map and Land Register","FILE":"1469083273not.pdf"},{"NCID":53,"DESCRIPTION":"Present Market Value of Plots of Mouza Kashbere","FILE":"1465213453mv_land.pdf"},{"NCID":52,"DESCRIPTION":"Notice on M/S. URAL India Ltd.","FILE":"1463124540Notice.pdf"},{"NCID":51,"DESCRIPTION":"Notice on Lease Deed of HDA","FILE":"1463124413not_lease.pdf"},{"NCID":49,"DESCRIPTION":"PUBLIC NOTICE OF LAND USE & DEVELOPMENT CONTROL PLAN (LU & DCP) FOR PORTION OF PLANNING AREA UNDER HDA","FILE":"1451552558NOTICEMMMMMMM.pdf"},{"NCID":48,"DESCRIPTION":"Rate Chart for Haldia Fair 2016","FILE":"1451383016scan1.pdf"},{"NCID":47,"DESCRIPTION":"Present Market Value of Plots of Mouza Kashbere","FILE":"1451369766mvk.pdf"},{"NCID":46,"DESCRIPTION":"Stall Design for Haldia Fair 2016","FILE":"1450863895HALDIA FAIR 2016 ( 16 - 23 JAN )-Model."},{"NCID":45,"DESCRIPTION":"Public Notice","FILE":"1441800699not.pdf"},{"NCID":44,"DESCRIPTION":"

Final Gradation List of Officers and Staff of HDA


Daily user fee for Different Components of Satish Samanta Haldia Trade Centre


Notice on 22.05.2015


Cultural Programs of Haldia Fair-2015


Seminar Schedule of Haldia Fair-2015


Notice for Draft Land Use & Development Control Plan


Corrigendum regarding Opening of Financial Bid at the office of the CEO, HDA of E-Tender No. : 03/HDA/EC (Mechanical) of 2014-2015(2nd Call)

","FILE":"1415006201Scan - 2.pdf"},{"NCID":37,"DESCRIPTION":"Addendum regarding Opening of Financial Bid at the office of the CEO, HDA of E-Tender No. : 07/HDA/EC (Mechanical) of 2014-2015(2nd Call)","FILE":"1415006133Scan -1.pdf"},{"NCID":36,"DESCRIPTION":"

Notice on LU&DCP

","FILE":"1409825045ludcp.pdf"},{"NCID":35,"DESCRIPTION":"Public Notice of Planning Section","FILE":"1401082469not_plann.pdf"},{"NCID":34,"DESCRIPTION":"Public Notice of draft Amendment of LU&DCP for Old Haldia Planning Area.","FILE":"1393924504ludcp.pdf"},{"NCID":33,"DESCRIPTION":"PUBLIC NOTICE","FILE":"1393307788not_bhumi.pdf"},{"NCID":32,"DESCRIPTION":"

Notice on lottery


Notice in 26.01.2014


Applications are invited from individual/organization/company in the prescribed format of Haldia Development Authority (HDA) for allotment of flats at housing complex of HDA in Haldia, Dist. Purba Medinipur, West Bengal on Long Term Lease on ‘as is where is basis’ for 99 years through lottery. 


151st Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda


Notice on leased for 300 acre of land


Notice on 15th August 2013


Result of the lottery for leasing out of 66 nos. flats held on 03.08.2013 at KoPT/HDC Auditorium Hall, Haldia Township.

","FILE":"1375779267finalp.pdf"},{"NCID":25,"DESCRIPTION":"Lottery for leasing out of 66 nos. flats.","FILE":"1375271952kopt_aud.pdf"},{"NCID":24,"DESCRIPTION":"

Notification on RTI


Circular on Local Area Network.


Circular on Acceptance of Bank Guarantees.


Applications are invited from individual/organization/company in the prescribed format of Haldia Development Authority (HDA) for allotment of 66 nos. of flats at following housing complexes of HDA in Haldia, Dist. Purba Medinipur, West Bengal on Long Term Lease on ‘as is where is basis’ for 99 years through lottery.


Notice of Stamp


Circular on Estimate.


Circular on Land Records.


Notice on Review meetings.


Notice on E-Tendering.


Notice on File movement.


Modifitaion of Vetting Power








Contact details of Haldia Water Supply Project


Latest land allotment policy of Govt. of West Bengal.


List of Land assets for projects leading to industrial development published in terms of G.O 6686-LP/1A-18/2012 dated 26.12.2012 od Land & Land Reforms Department, Govt. of West Bengal


RESULT OF LOTTERY for allotment of 48 no. flats at 197 Flats Complex, Basudevpur HELD ON 19.06.2012 AT SUBARNA JAYANTI BHAWAN, SUTAHATA


Lottery for 48 no. flats at 197 flats Complex(Basudevpur,Haldia) at Subarna Jayanti Bhawan, Sutahata on 19.06.2012 at 4.30 pm 


e-payment in Haldia Development Authority



","FILE":"1339570992e-tender.doc"}]; var tab = document.getElementById('dataTable'); var c=1; row.forEach(function(item, index){ var nrow = tab.insertRow(c); var cell1 = nrow.insertCell(0); var cell2 = nrow.insertCell(1); var cell3 = nrow.insertCell(2); var btn = document.createElement('input'); btn.type = "button"; btn.className = "button"; btn.value = "View"; //cell4.style.backgroundColor='#d4f7fc'; btn.addEventListener ("click", function() { //alert(item.FILE1); window.open("http://hda.gov.in/notices/"+item.FILE,'_blank'); }); cell1.innerHTML = c; cell2.innerHTML = item.DESCRIPTION; cell3.appendChild(btn);; c=c+1; // alert(item.appid); }); getPagination('#dataTable'); function getPagination(table) { var lastPage = 1; $('#maxRows') .on('change', function(evt) { //$('.paginationprev').html(''); // reset pagination lastPage = 1; $('.pagination') .find('li') .slice(1, -1) .remove(); var trnum = 0; // reset tr counter var maxRows = parseInt($(this).val()); // get Max Rows from select option if (maxRows == 5000) { $('.pagination').hide(); } else { $('.pagination').show(); } var totalRows = $(table + ' tbody tr').length; // numbers of rows $(table + ' tr:gt(0)').each(function() { // each TR in table and not the header trnum++; // Start Counter if (trnum > maxRows) { // if tr number gt maxRows $(this).hide(); // fade it out } if (trnum <= maxRows) { $(this).show(); } // else fade in Important in case if it .. }); // was fade out to fade it in if (totalRows > maxRows) { // if tr total rows gt max rows option var pagenum = Math.ceil(totalRows / maxRows); // ceil total(rows/maxrows) to get .. // numbers of pages for (var i = 1; i <= pagenum; ) { // for each page append pagination li $('.pagination #prev') .before( '
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